Divorce Coaching

It’s imperative to understand the divorce process, and the 6 stages that will unfold over the following couple of years.

Most couples enduring divorce don’t understand what they should be aiming to accomplish. For example, few ever review a finished parenting agreement before negotiating their own. Complicated battles, fraught with misunderstanding, will ensue while essentially working blindfolded. Comprehensive knowledge of what the objectives are often removes the conflict and arguing.

Resolution of conflict involves a combination of factors:

  • Addressing the root cause of the conflict
  • Understanding what you’re actually trying to accomplish
  • Learning to communicate without further agitating the situation
  • Developing enhanced strategies to cope with personal stress
  • Formulating approaches to address and resolve issues
  • Strategic planning and utilizing legal advice effectively
  • Understanding how, and when, to entertain/or avoid court
  • Maximizing the use of experts such as lawyers, mediators, counsellors

Completing the process alone will result in many costly errors. Don’t risk your future, your assets, your children and your career.

David’s experience and coaching will avoid those fateful mistakes. He will successfully guide you to a healthy new future.