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He not only coached me with advice and encouragement, but also provided me with resources and connections to other assistance, both during and following my divorce proceedings. Mr. Rosenberg prepared me with regards to what I should expect with lawyers, negotiations, agreements, and the court system. He advised me on how to appropriately and respectfully, yet assertively, respond to my ex-husband in various disagreements we had. This ensured certain situations did not escalate and were able to remain in a productive direction during our court proceedings.

Mr. Rosenberg gave me an indescribable feeling of strength and courage, constantly working to build back my self-esteem and the confidence and independence that was destroyed through my former relationship and divorce. He also always made himself available to me, which stood out, especially in the few instances of urgent fear and worry that arose during my separation.

Overall, the most valuable gift Mr. Rosenberg gave me as a divorce coach was his knowledge of how to work productively with my ex-husband to co-parent, benefitting our son and helping him to transition to his new life with divorced parents.

It is with no hesitation that I recommend David Rosenberg as a divorce coach. Although divorce is an unfortunate and extremely challenging life obstacle, I have no doubt in Mr. Rosenberg's ability to ease the process for anyone who seeks his help. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



The coaching you provided through every step of the last 10 months has helped me to focus on moving on with my life in a positive healthy way.

Having you available as both a counsellor and a sounding board, enabled me to make thoughtful decisions. I was able to avoid going down rabbit holes that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars, and more importantly put further pressure on the relationship with my ex-wife. Your positive outlook on life has picked me up when I was feeling down, and reminded me that each day in this process must be taken one at a time.

Thanks to your advice, coaching and support I am now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for my divorce. More importantly, a happy, healthy way to move forward with my own life. My kids have also benefited from having their father be focused and effective as a parent.

David, we all thank you and none of this would have been possible without your help!


Post-separation, David worked closely with me and guided me on how to communicate with my ex-husband in a respectful manner. By doing so, it helped me avoid the traps that could have caused me numerous problems by reacting with too much emotion. It was also invaluable in keeping peace which translated in to a much healthier and productive situation for my children and I too.

David assisted me in seeing a new path to how to relate to my ex-husband. He supported me in trying to bring an approach of both respect and decency, so that we could create a functional co-parenting relationship.

David has the experience and insight to understand the divorce and separation process. He has the innate ability to intuitively understand the nuances of relationships. He has been an invaluable source for me in supporting, guiding and teaching me techniques to handle stress, and make intelligent decisions in managing and respectfully communicating with my ex. His strategies and approach in tempering my responses assisted me greatly to better handle contentious situations.

David has been an amazing Divorce Coach, and I would not have reached this level of peace in my life as quickly without him as a resource.



We met six years ago and from then on he has been my best friend. David helped me and has been there for me in the toughest times in my life. He carried me through the most difficult moments [of my divorce]. When I need good advice and help, I know that I will always have a friend that is ready and willing to help.

David has been blessed with a big heart, to give of himself to others, knowledge and wisdom and a lot of respect for his surroundings. David has a very high ability to communicate with people, to analyze situations, and find a solution and a way for everything in the most pleasant and dignified way.

I strongly recommend contacting David for any issue, at any time. He is the right one for you, and for your future !!!

Thank you my dear David for always, always, always being there for me. Thanks for all your help and attention throughout the years.

Wishing you best of luck.

Your loving friend,


He always looks at every situation objectively and his words-of-wisdom are consistently sound. His exemplary interpersonal skills put you at ease right away. David is easy to talk to and he is a fantastic listener.

When I approached David to discuss a conflict that had arisen in my separation proceedings, he identified a clear strategy for me and a plan to get things back on track.

I can't say enough good things about David. He has been my trusted friend and advisor and I have zero hesitation in recommending his services to others.



In such times, the guiding support of a coach could be the very thing to help restore what once was, or, lay the path to what should be.

David, with a poised and sensitive approach, has mentored me through some difficult moments in my own relationship and left me feeling certain of not only what I need, but precisely what is required to bring it into my life; an investment that pays in lifelong dividends.

S. D.

When it comes to divorce coaching, David has worked tirelessly with many people in this role. However none have been as involved with him in the process as I have. I have known David for over 16 years. He and I were married for 8 years. Together, we have two children whom we have been co-parenting from separate homes for eight years.

David is a perfect example of an individual who lives by the motto: before you offer someone else advice, make sure you're taking it yourself. Together, we have worked exceptionally hard to overcome the difficulties of co-parenting our children from two separate homes, having previously been a married couple. Just because the couple is divorced, they do not relinquish their obligations and responsibilities to work together to continue to raise their children and provide the very best opportunities for them.

We have both put in a great deal of effort, and David has recognized he hard work and commitment I’ve put in to raising our children, and being a good partner to work with. Doing the right thing for our children, and putting them first is imperative. As David often says,: "everything we do right together our children benefit from… Everything we don't, they pay a heavy price for."

While we have been blessed to have exceptional children, we both know as well as everyone else does, how difficult it can be at times. Without question, a divorced couple can easily be the single biggest problem in one another's life. However, if they both choose to work together, along with the right strategies and effort, peace, harmony and success in raising the children can be achieved.

David's manner and character in dealing with people, is unique. He is always highly trusted and exceptionally devoted to his clients. His skill and technique in working with individuals consistently produces high quality results.

I strongly recommend you invest some time speaking with David. If you do, you will find he will be able to help you drastically reduce the cost and conflict in your divorce.

Hopefully, as many others have, you will find a path to a peaceful partnership in co-parenting through his guidance and strategy.


S. A.

Mr. Rosenberg has helped me to learn how to protect myself from abusive comments and behaviour from my ex-husband, and to respond only to matters related to our child. Mr. Rosenberg also assisted me to prove to the Child Aid Society that my ex-husband had make false accusations against me in one occasion, and to contact Child Aid a couple of times that my ex-husband put the safety of our child in danger.

Mr. Rosenberg not only coached me during the court procedures, but also how to reply promptly to issues that I had during this process and shortly thereafter. His capabilities to bring good and logical solutions for issues that I thought was very hard to solve always impressed me.

I strongly recommend Mr. Rosenberg as a divorce coach to anyone going through this challenging stage in life. I am sure Mr. Rosenberg will make this process less painful to anyone that uses his service. Should you have any question regarding his divorce coaching services, I am happy to answer.

C. G.