Conflict Resolution/Management

Individuals and couples often end up in serious conflict over numerous issues. The acrimony and fighting can be very damaging to each individual, the children, careers, and new relationships. Conflict can arise at different stages of the divorce:

  • As the divorce process begins
  • During separation
  • While negotiating agreements
  • Engaging in new relationships
  • Long after the divorce  I.E. Arranging Bar Mitzvahs or Confirmation

Catalysts for such arguments can derive from:

  • Attempting to develop a separation agreement without professional guidance / impartial third party
  • Creating a child parenting agreement without understanding it’s complexities.
  • Short / long term issues arising through co-parenting from separate homes
  • Implementation or making alterations to existing agreements
  • Arranging combined family events and celebrations

David has exceptional skill and technique working with individuals and couples to manage and resolve conflict. Together, lets resolve the issues, so you can plan and achieve a successful new life.